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Horses Nesting Dolls

The russian matryoshka 10 nesting doll set horses can be a little bit of a revealser. With their bright, fun-filled colors, it's hard to resist. This set includes 10 nests, each with a unique horse. The dolls are hand-paint and they are signed for you. If you're looking for a fun and festive gift, this is the set for you!

Set of 5 Horses Wooden Nesting Dolls

Set of 5 Horses Wooden Nesting Dolls


USD $36.69

Best Horses Nesting Dolls Features

This set of five horses wooden nesting dolls is a great way to add a little svcd ( status vqualified) to your home office! The dolls are easy to put together and can be used as a place to store memories or fantasies about your horses.
these three russian nesting dolls with flowers are a set of wooden nesting dolls that is 4. 25 inches in diameter. They are made from hardwood and areah for 3. Are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room!
this is a russian stacking nesting doll which features two matryoshka dolls, one on either side of a road. The doll is signed and comes with a painting by russian artist undelivered.